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Share data,
earn money


We give everyone control and ownership over their data,
with total privacy and the possibility to earn money from it.

Earn passive income

Earn by living

Real money for your data

The same data that you are giving away for free, can make you earn lots of money with Lify.
We deposit cash directly on your bank account, debit card or Paypal.

The money you share, the money you earn

How much you can earn depends entirely from you. Users who share all their data can earn over €1,000/year on our platform.
Simply turn on the switches of the accounts you want to share to start earning.

We keep your money safe

Our Lify Foundation guarantees that you can withdraw earnings at any time.
So, you can have peace of mind and start saving money on your Lify wallet until you can buy that new phone, laptop or holiday.

Connect all your devices

Earning 4.0

The devices you already use earn you money

Our app is compatible with most smart devices on the market.
If you want to earn more, just connect more devices and relax while Lify sends you extra cash.

Connect new devices in seconds

We want to make it easier for you to earn more.
Simply, turn on your Bluetooth and give permission on our app to connect your new device and increase your passive income.

Manage all devices in one app

With Lify you can make your life easier: manage all your devices in one user-friendly app and keep track of more statistics (with stunning visualizations) than what the other apps provide.

Data protection
the way it should be

We've built the extraordinary

Lify protect your data

Our main priority to make sure that the data you share is stored and transferred with absolute safety.
Our advanced data encryption system does just that.

GDPR compliant security

Lify is compliant with all the requirements put in place by the GDPR.
We even go a step further and educate data purchasing companies on safe and ethical data handling practices.



Tap into the value of your data and start earning passive income



Monitor your health and how you spend your time to help you make better decisions



Always keep control of your data. Decide to stop sharing at any time



Why keep all the earnings to yourself? Invite your friends and family to join Lify and get a bonus!



Be part of our new market for data, a more honest and transparent place



Choose to keep your identity protected by sharing only anonymized data

A place for people

Earn by living

With Lify you can not only earn up to $1,000 a year from your data, but also visualize, in one simple place all your Life’s statistics, to help you make better decisions about how to live your life.

Lify's interface

Join Lify for free

We’re taking power back from big corporate and putting it in the hands of people. Download the Lify app and join the people already getting more from their data.