We are creative thinker and data scientist who aspire to transform the data industry

We are thinking at tomorrow's life

Lify takes his ground from data, and that's where we are working on.
We constantly work on new ways to gather and analyze cross-origin and mixed-content data to build the new digital era.

The fuel of today's data-driven economy

A transparent and end-user controlled system

In order to do this, we developed a simple solution, an online marketplace that enables individuals to easily take control of their data and profit from it.
We provide you with the choice of doing whatever you want with your data; you can decide to earn by selling some of your data while keeping some of your other data private or to earn from all of the data you create.

Living today with the vision of tomorrow

A simphony of ethical big data

Our long-term goal is to become an internationally established platform, accessible to all individuals; the go-to platform for people who want to earn from their data and for companies looking to purchase ethical and high-quality consumer data.

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