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We will be working with companies who want to buy data to create and design products and advertisements that are better suited to their customers.

These could be your favorite food producers, car manufacturers, technology companies and more.

Companies that buy data from us tend to be more transparent and ethical companies because they are willing to reward the creators of the data(you), rather than buying from data brokers, who forcefully extract it without individuals’ knowledge and consent.

You will be able to withdraw your earnings as soon as you have earned at least € 5.00.

You can choose to have the money sent to a Visa or Mastercard Debit Card. We've partnered with Stripe to seamlessly and securely process all payments.

Once you decide to share information from a specific account, you share information specific to that individual account that you authorized.

For example, for social media accounts the data shared is your basic information, likes, check-ins, activity streams, friend lists and other basic social account information.

Within the app, in the sharing dashboard you can click to see what specific information is shared from each different account.

By default, when you share your data, there is no identifying information linked back to you personally.

Your data is added to an aggregate pool of anonymized users'data (all emails and names are de-linked from other data-points you have created).

However, if you want to share your specific personal information(name and email address) to earn more, we provide you with the choice to do that as well.

On the app’s dashboard, when you decide which data to share, you’ll see simple switches that you can turn on/off to start/stop sharing each single type of data.

To help you make more informed decisions, we will always show you the frequency and amount of earnings expected form each data.

The foundation of our pricing model is based on simple economics; supply and demand.

Each individual attribute (heartbeat, location, Facebook likes) is priced based on the demand and supply in the market.

Attributes that are highly demanded and are in low supply will be the most valuable.
When you decide which accounts to connect, you will be able to see the average price that users receive for that type of information.

Absolutely, and not only different accounts, but also more Internet of Things devices and more functionalities to help you have a better experience.

We are working to add new accounts and devices all the time.

If you’d like to connect a specific account or functionality that is currently not available please let us know here. We love to allow our users to monetize more of the data they produce everyday.

Yes! This is how Lify ensures that the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation are fulfilled:

  1. Consumers own the data and have full control over it.
  2. Consumers can choose exactly what they share, line by line, fully aware of what is being shared
  3. Personal data never leaves the consumer in an unencrypted format and only the consumer holds the key to decrypt it.
  4. Personal data can only be transferred to a company with the consumer's consent. In addition to that, consumers know exactly who gets their data and for what purpose.
  5. Data is securely stored according to all the safety regulations required internationally for personal information.

We even go a step further and instruct all the businesses that purchase data through Lify to enforce the same strict compliance guidelines and rules that we use.

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