With Lify you can easily earn money from any type of data you want.

Start earning passive income now

Simply connect any of your devices/accounts to our app and stop thinking about it.
You can just relax while earning passive income every day.

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Download Lify's app

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Share data

Decide which data you’d like to share

You can share your data from your phone, social media accounts, fitness tracker, your house or any other kind of IoT device.
Somebody is already profiting from your data, why shouldn’t you?

Start earning

Start earning

Collect your earnings on your Digital Wallet and transfer them directly to your bank account, debit card or PayPal account

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Why use Lify and share your data?

A transparent and end-user controlled system

Companies we interact with daily are already taking our data, often selling it without our permission, making billions of dollars every year.
And what do we get? Nothing, other than personalized ads whenever we browse the internet.

But what if we could make money from the data we create everyday?
You will gain control over your own data and will be able to decide if and how you want to benefit from it.

The passive income that surprises you

The eraning potential

The earning potential is limitless, and it will depend on how many companies purchase your data.
Once Lify reaches a critical mass of users, you will have the potential to earn up to $1,000 every year.

The earnings are not all! With Lify you will gain access to insights about your life’s statistics, your health and how you spend your time.
A great tool to track and optimize your life.

Data analisys Martketplace - Lify

You decide how much you earn

With a switch you enable or disable the sharing

On our app you can, at any time, decide to stop sharing any type of data or share some new one.
We give you the control over your data, you decide what to do with it.

Simply turn on/off the switch for a particular data type and you will start/stop sharing that.
We also provide you with all the information you need to decide, such as amount and frequency of earning for each type of data.

Budget tracking in real time

Keep your earning under control

Different types of data pay you differently.
One-time data is shared only once, like age,sex or preferences and rewards you when you share it. Recurrent data, like heartbeat and activities, instead rewards you for every moment they are collected, potentially every second.

When you decide which data you share you will be able to see all the information regarding the frequency and amount of payments for each type of data.
So that you can make the most informed decisions about how to use your data.

You can feel confident that all the earnings you receive through Lify are real money that you can use immediately.
No transferring tokens, or obliged purchases on online stores, simply earn cash and use it how you prefer!

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